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Our design approach has been informed to a large extent by observations of design in nature. We take clues from mother nature in the way plants are combined, the sequencing of bloom that is so eloquently orchestrated along our rural roads, and the random placement of trees and shrubs, not so easy to pull of in man-made gardens. We have a bold, stylized approach that often involves large massings of individual species—an artistic exaggeration of what we find so appealing in nature.

The details of your landscape are worked out in the design phase, where exciting ideas are generated, plantings are envisioned, and the outdoor rooms are devised to be fluid, functional and inviting. We'll map out the details on paper and then refine them to your specifications. We srive to make your experience both enjoyable and educational.

We are well-versed in working within budgets. We will also provide you with detailed maintenance instructions and will be available for maintenance work for the life of your garden – just because these plants persist remarkably well in nature doesn’t mean you can just plant and then forget about them.

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