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At Overhill Gardens, we create beautiful landscapes that transform with the turn of each season. With our horticultural expertise and professional workmanship, we will custom design and install a garden for you using high-quality, easily maintained, locally grown native plants.

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We specialize in creating landscapes that are appropriate to where you live. Our goal is to have your house or office merge seamlessly with the outdoors, inviting people out to enjoy your landscape as well as improving your property’s curb appeal.

We use native plants not only for their beauty and adaptability but because they’re beneficial to wildlife and help connect you to nature. Natives are also great for those problem areas where ordinary plants won’t grow. In designing your landscape, we choose plants that meet your esthetic needs and are adapted to your specific growing conditions... creating a harmonic, easy-care planting you’ll be able to enjoy for years to come!

By incorporating sustainable landscaping methods such as rain gardens and bioswales, slow-release organic fertilizers, drip irrigation and prairie restoration as a lawn substitute, we are able to conserve water and protect the watershed at large. You will sleep more soundly knowing that your choice of natural landscaping is enriching your local environs for future generations.

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